Fortunately, there are scallops! Delicate slices of veal that make special dinners, even the fastest or thrifty, provided that each time you choose the appropriate seasoning that can tease the palate. This time we turn to those who adore the fresh and acrid essence of the lemon, which will become a very delicious sauce!


• Veal slices: 8

• Lemon juice: 50 g (1,76 oz)

• Salt: as needed

• Black pepper: as needed

• Flour 00 for flouring: as needed

• Butter: 40 g (1,41 oz)


1) To prepare the scallops with lemon start by squeezing the lemon to obtain the juice. Then beat the slices with the help of a meat hammer, covering them with baking paper so as not to break the fibers. Hit them with a firm hand but without too much violence, in this way the fibers will soften without shredding the pulp.

2) Flour the veal slices and remove the excess flour; in a large pan melt the butter over low heat, then add the slices, raise the heat and brown them for a couple of minutes before on one side and then the other. Season with salt and black pepper, pour the lemon juice into the pan and cook over a gentle flame for 2-3 minutes. As soon as you notice that the sauce starts to thicken and becomes creamy, you can turn off and serve the lemon scallops!


It is advisable to immediately consume the lemon scallops. If you want to keep them, keep them in the fridge for 1 day at most, placing them in a re-sealable glass case.

Perfume your lemon scallops with herbs as you like, such as rosemary or thyme. If you want an even more creamy sauce, it will be enough to dilute the tip of a teaspoon of cornstarch in the sauce! For a gluten-free version, use cornmeal or rice starch to flour the slices!

A variant of the veal may be chicken or turkey.

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