What amazing flavors and aroma burst out from a good plate of ragù Tagliatelle!!

But this time, we would revisit this big classic, unavoidable in every Sunday lunch, proposing you a white ragù tagliatelle; a new version without tomato and improved with a tasty diced bacon. Egg taglliatelle, rough and porous, retain the appetizing meat and vegetable sauce giving us emotions of childhood memories. The choice of simple and genuine ingredient, the scent of aromatic herbs and a slow cooking make this condiment irresistible and suitable for the preparation of lasagna, cannelloni and savory crepes.


• 250 gr – 9oz  Egg Tagliatelle

• 250 gr – 9 oz Beef

• 150 gr – 5 oz fresh sausage

• 100 gr – 4 oz bacon

• 60 gr – 2 oz celery

• 60 gr – 2 oz carrots

• 60 gr- 2 oz onion

• 1 clove garlic

• 50 gr – 3 tablespoon olive oil

• 1 sprig fresh rosemary

• 3 sage leaves

• 2 bay leaves

• Salt and ground black pepper

• Water

• Glass of White wine


1)To cook white ragù tagliatelle, first start from the sautéed mixture. In a saucepan heat the olive oil with the clove garlic and let it brown; add celery, carrot and onion, finely chopped and mix with a silicon spatula. After 1 minute cooking at low heat, pile the rosemary and sage leaves, mince and mash into a paste using a large knife and put into the sautéed. At the end also add the bay leaves.

2)Dice the bacon and cook it until crisp (be careful  not to burn it) with the veggies and mix. In the meanwhile, remove the sausage from the outer intestine and crumble it with your fingers. Add together with beef at the previous mix and cook over high heat  for 4/5 minutes. After that, remove the bay leaves and clove garlic; simmer with white wine until reduced, and add a water ladle, salt and pepper and continue cooking over medium-low heat for an hour (Add water if necessary).

3)Boil a pot of salted water and cook tagliatelle to al dente. Drain the pasta, reserving the cooking water, and add the pasta to the white ragu mixture. Toss over high heat 1 minute to coat


To vary you can use turkey, pork, veal or rabbit. You can also replace the bacon with different cured meats or mushrooms

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