What do we have for lunch?… oven meatloaf!

Any of us has at least once tasted a genuine meatloaf handmade by our moms or grandmas .

It is a recipe of our tradition with many variants, like that stuffed with spinach or scamorza. The meatloaf is always present during italian Sunday lunch to recall all guests; it is not difficult to make it, because it is born as a recycled dish so you can choose different type of meat and aroma. Just an important rule: it should result tender to combine with savory slide dish.

The oven meatloaf is dedicated to all of you!


• 600 gr – 1 ½ pound ground Beef

• 400 gr – 14 oz sausage

• 200 gr – 5 cups fresh breadcrumb

• 150 gr-  2 cups pecorino cheese

• 200 gr – 2 cups whole milk

• 110 gr – 2 medium eggs

• 500 gr- 1 pound red potatoes

• 2 shallots

• 3 sprigs thyme

• 1 teaspoon nutmeg

• 4 tablespoon Extra-virgin olive oil

• Salt and ground black pepper


1)To cook the meatloaf, first remove the crust of bread with a knife and put it in a bowl with the whole milk so you can soften the crumb. In the meanwhile remove intestine from the sausage and mash it in another bowl with beef and pecorino cheese, bread, previously wrung out, 2 eggs, nutmeg, some thyme leaves , salt and pepper. Knead the compound with your hands to mix all ingredients, and give it the shape of a cylinder, using a parchment paper to compact it well; brush it with olive oil and keep it aside for the moment.

2)Pre heat the static oven at 180° and prepare the side dish: wash the red potatoes and divide in half, mince the shallots, and mix with some sage leaves, olive oil, salt and pepper. Bring a baking sheet, grease with some oil and pour the potatoes mix; finally lay down also the meatloaf and cook for 1 hour and half and serve it.


If it exceeds, you can prepare small meatballs. In addition, you can soak the bread crumb with water instead of milk or replace thyme with parsley.

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