The hard-boiled egg for many is the first test to test your basic cooking skills; a simple “save dinner” and perhaps one of the first recipes you learn in single life!


Fresh medium eggs: 4


1) To prepare the hard-boiled eggs, start by placing the eggs in a large saucepan (make sure the eggs are undamaged); pour the cold water, the water will have to cover the eggs. Then put the saucepan on the stove and let it boil. Calculate 9 minutes of cooking from the boil. After the necessary time, remove the saucepan from the heat and pass it under running fresh water (you can also dip them in ice water with ice inside) so as to cool the eggs well.

2) This will allow you to shell them without getting burned; carefully remove all traces of shell, then divide the eggs in half and you will discover the perfectly cooked interior! The hard-boiled eggs are ready to be eaten as you prefer!



1) To prepare the barley eggs, take the eggs and place them in a large saucepan, making sure to always choose the intact ones. Pour the cold water up to cover them and place on medium heat. When the boil is reached, calculate 6 minutes of cooking, then drain and then run fresh water over the eggs to cool them.

2) At this point proceed to shell them, carefully removing all the residues of the shell; divide them in half and show the inside: the barley egg yolk will be much softer than that of boiled eggs! Taste the barley eggs as you prefer, perhaps with a little oil and a spinkle of black pepper!


It is advisable not to store boiled eggs and barley eggs for a long time to prevent them from blackening or losing in taste.

If you should keep them, you can do it without removing the shell for 4-5 days in the refrigerator. But if you slip away, you notice strange colors or smells, do not consume them.

Freezing is not recommended.

It is not advisable to wait for the water to bubble before inserting the eggs in the pan, because this could cause the shell to break. For this reason it is recommended to put the eggs immersed in cold water on the fire and cook as indicated.

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